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3D Plastic Eye Practice sheet x 3

3 x Thin rubberised sheet. Useful for practising new techniques and new needles. ..

£15.00 (Excluding VAT and delivery)

3D Plastic Lip Practice sheet x 3

3 x thin rubberised sheet with 3D practice eyes ..

£15.00 (Excluding VAT and delivery)

After Care A & D

4oz Tube of vitamin A&D cream to be used after treatment. Apply sparingly with cotton bud or ..

£10.00 (Excluding VAT and delivery)

Aprons Disposable

100 disposable plastic aprons. Loop neck and tie back. Dispose in hazardous waste at the end of e..

£6.00 (Excluding VAT and delivery)

Barrier Film

1,200 sheets of barrier film. Large adhesive film to cover the machine base during treatment. Use..

£20.00 (Excluding VAT and delivery)

Celluvisc eye drops

30 phials of Celluvisc eyedrops - forms a protective barrier over the eye. Use at the start of a ..

£15.00 (Excluding VAT and delivery)

Curtan Clip On Hand Sanitisers

Handwash to clip onto the belt. Use liberally to ensure hands are clean throughout treatments. Ca..

£3.00 (Excluding VAT and delivery)

Disposable Face Masks

50 disposable paper face masks. Ties behind the head. Dispose at the end of each treatment ..

£6.00 (Excluding VAT and delivery)

Drawing Sticks x 50

Pre- draw your clients eyebrows, lips or eyelids with tattoo pigment using these drawing sticks.&..

£5.00 (Excluding VAT and delivery)

Finger Rings

Single pigment finger rings to hold small pigment cups. ..

£5.00 (Excluding VAT and delivery)

FTG Apron

FTG Apron  - one size fits all ..

£30.00 (Excluding VAT and delivery)

Gauze Swabs

100 gauze swabs. Soft swabs for use during a treatment . Less abrasive than cotton wool and other..

£6.00 (Excluding VAT and delivery)


Box of 100 nitrile gloves. Non latex, non powdered. Dispose at the end of each treatment in hazar..

£8.00 (Excluding VAT and delivery)


Pots of 100 microbrushes. For applying small quantities of numbing cream, marking with pigment an..

£8.00 (Excluding VAT and delivery)

Patch Test form

25 Patch Test forms ..

£3.50 (Excluding VAT and delivery)