Burns & Scars Camo Masterclass

Burns & Scars Camo Masterclass

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2 day masterclass £1,950+VAT

This course is specifically for technicians who wish to treat patients whose skin is damaged through injury or trauma. This course will cover all areas of digital skin rejuvenation.

You will learn to offer successful treatment for:

Re-colouring the skin on both the face and body, working on a variety of scars caused by burns, improving the appearance of all scars, improving skin texture – acne and ice pick scars, contracture scars, improving scar mobility, facial scars and burn injury, trauma scars, surgical scars, raised hypertrophic scars and atrophic scars.

The course is open to all, including trained medical professionals from the NHS/private hospitals/ clinics or SPMU technicians who wish to progress their career. If you have no previous experience in medical tattooing, then you will be required to take an online induction course before proceeding to the Burns & Scars Masterclass. 

The needle depth we can teach depends on whether you are a medical professional or cosmetic technician. The course structure will be tailored to these requirements.


The course lasts a total of 2 days, including theory and hands-on practice

Module 1 - Online induction module (1 day)

Module 2 - Simulated practical work and demonstration (3 days)

Module 3 - Case studies: 5 total - please contact us for specific details (6 weeks to 6 months)


All courses are based on a ratio of one trainer per four trainees, for maximum hands-on attention.


We supply all your models whilst training at our training centres.


A Certificate of Attendance will be issued on the successful completion of the course. A Certificate of Competency will be issued if required on successful completion of case studies.

Total cost of Burns/Scars Masterclass training including VAT – £2,340