Medical Micropigmentation

Medical Micropigmentation

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Finishing Touches - Leaders in Medical Micropigmentation

Medical Tattooing is fast becoming the must have answer post surgery for a wealth of conditions where visual improvement or long term skin re-colouration is required.

Fantastic results can be achieved for:

  • Areola pigmentation and LD/tram scar flattening
  • Scar and burn relaxation by MCA techniques and skin camouflage colouration
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Skin graft and vitiligo pigmentation
  • Facial feature restoration for eyebrows (full or partial), eye socket definition, restoration of the lip vermillion and lip infill techniques

(pics) Stephen says: “the treatment has been a definite success. I can see and feel noticeable improvements in the appearance of my skin.”

(pics) Tammi says: “after my accident I endured a great deal of painful surgery to minimise my scarring which healed red, raised and bumpy. After having medical tattooing treatments my scars are now barely visible. The procedures were very quick to heal leaving softer, flatter scars and some re-pigmentation.”

Finishing Touches provide the highest quality equipment and training to make the above possible. Our innovative approach ensures we deliver the very latest in performance and techniques. Since our formation in 1993 Finishing Touches has grown through understanding and responding to the needs of medical professionals for quality education and top quality yet affordable equipment.

Finishing Touches are regarded as the No. 1 choice for hospitals and private clinics who wish to set up a medical tattooing clinic. Our training team and support staff are some of the most educated professionals in the industry. Our educators strive to help and support you at every stage of your development.

Finishing Touches offer comprehensive training course within the UK and internationally, and have lectured and trained all over the world.