Nano NT Cartridge - Pre-Order only

Nano NT Cartridge - Pre-Order only

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This product is on pre-order only

This product is due to return to stock at the end of September.  Any other items from your order will be shipped immediately and the Nano NT needles will follow as soon as available.


The Exclusive UK Distributors for NANO NT NEEDLE

Finishing Touches always searches out top quality tools in order to offer clients the best equipment for perfect results. This is why only the finest grade needles are selected. With the launch of the new NANO NT needle, there is guaranteed stable precision with every stroke.

The new NANO NT needle is a 0.25 needle, and it features an innovative tubular design at the tip of the cartridge, ensuring high precision needle guidance, greater stability and superior pigment flow for every skin type.

An added benefit of the NANO NT needle is that the pigment can be placed into the cartridge which means no more dipping! Micropigmentation technicians can now work quicker, spend less time dipping, as the needle gives excellent pigment retention so now less top-up work will be needed!


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